Kitchen Flooring: What to Look For

There are just a few interior design projects more intriguing than re-doing an older kitchen or planning a new kitchen from scratch. I don't know about you, but doing a fast survey across the Wood and Beyond staff at work here, the kitchen truly is the heart of our houses. Everything from socializing with friends, active breakfasts, huddled assignments, carbonated beverages, good times and bad, our kitchens see all of it.

So if you're in the process of re-looking or renovating an older kitchen or are arranging a brand new one from scratch, we want to help you with a few of the biggest decisions. Your kitchen flooring. Within this article we will share with you what you should be looking for when you make your choices.

A number of the most popular options for kitchen flooring are: tiles, rubber, terracotta, marble and timber . Each have their own plus points and minus points. Granite and tiles might be a bit clinical and cold; rubber is a bit too trendy for a few; terracotta may be tough call to maintain and timber is sometimes dismissed by some as improper for kitchens -- nevertheless this is indeed NOT the case.

In reality, wood is a perfect kitchen flooring alternative because it provides you all the boring advantages you need in your new kitchen floor, AND it provides you great looks to boot. Here are what we all believe you should search for when you are picking your kitchen floor, along with all the fantastic reasons why we think wood is a superb choice for your job.

The boring stuff:


It goes without saying that whatever material you select for your kitchen floor needs to resist the rough and tumble your own life throws at it. The ideal option when it comes to making your choice is to plump for a truly hardwearing alternative like marble or tiles and swallow the fact they have a propensity to feel a little cold and clinical or opt for a suitable wood alternative. If you'd like a hardwood flooring in your kitchen, you can have one, without having to compromise durability.

Engineered hardwood floors is far and away the best wood flooring solution for kitchens and baths because of its smart construction. The layers of yarn that make up the center board of engineered wood flooring until it's topped off with solid, real wood, means that this option won't expand and contract like wood. What's more, if you choose an alternative with a lacquered finish such as these options, along with a wonderful thick top layer, not only will it be shielded in the thrills and spills of kitchen life, it is also going to give you the luxury of being able to re-sand and re-finish it a couple of times in its life, so this really is a winwin situation for your kitchen. Great looks, durability and the ability to bring it back to life once it starts to appear tired.


If it comes to deciding on your own kitchen floor, unfortunately price plays a major role for most people. And once again, this is where quality wood flooring comes into its own.


A quality lacquered finish will render your wood kitchen floor pretty much waterproof, which means that so long as you are vigilant about serious water and liquid spills, you should not have any issue. Even though the likes of tiles and marble will endure to pretty serious water difficulties, should you need a wood floor, there's absolutely no reason at all that you can not have one. In fact, if you are concerned about the probability of water on your hardwood floor, then you should think about a click system wood floor that has a superb seal between each plank, which would provide even more protection.

The exciting stuff:

How it seems

If you'd like a natural looking kitchen flooring, that oozes style and will stand up to the test of time, there is no getting away from the fact that engineered timber flooring will tick all your boxes and a whole lot more. Listed below are our two top suggestions for a good looking kitchen flooring:

If you want light and bright, you can't fail with this Organic Engineered Oak Click Sahara Grey Brushed UV lacquered floor solution. It is click system means that it'll be especially resistant to water issues along with its UV filter will provide your flooring all the protection it needs from the undesirable effects of sun.

If you want dark and interesting, then this Natural Engineered Oak Click Jet Black Brushed, UV lacquered option is for you. An actual jet black, this flooring option will add the perfect finishing touch to any kitchen.

If you'd like help to choose a fantastic wood flooring solution for your kitchen job, why not get in contact? This way we will be able to help you make sure that you choose the best possible answer for the look you need to accomplish and your budget.