How To Clean And Maintain Hardwood Floors?

Nothing beats the classic look of gleaming hardwood flooring throughout a house. It is a timeless flooring option that many people love. Authentic hardwood floors can be quite an investment and they need proper care to keep them in great shape. Here are our top tips for cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors in your house.

Cleaning Tools To Have On Hand:

● Broom with soft bristles

● Quick dusting -- disposable electrostatic cloths

● Vacuum (use hardwood setting)

● Microfiber cloth for spills

● Wood floor cleaning products

● Water-based floor polish

The best thing you can do to help your hardwood flooring is to enter a predictable cleaning regimen. We always track dirt and dust into our houses as we go and come. If you have kids or pets then, as you can imagine, there's even more debris furry hair which may wind up on the floor. A daily, weekly, and heavy cleaning regimen will keep your flooring looking nice.

Daily Dusing -- were you aware that dust and microscopic debris can create a good deal of damage to hardwood floors over time with small scratches? Daily dusting, sweeping or using a dry mop, can cure that problem. You'll also reduce allergies in the home with daily floor dusting.

Weekly Cleaning -- Even with daily dusting the flooring will build up any dirt. Use liquid sparingly and only use cleaning products recommended for your timber finish. Cleaning liquid should be ph-neutral, biodegradable, and non-toxic.

Quarterly Polishing -- Polishing wood floors helps extend their life by developing a thin protective barrier. It also makes them shine. Remove debris and dust . Start with clean floors. Use a water-based polish every 3 weeks or so.

What Exactly Does Refinishing Wood Floors Mean?

When the floors are old or have been failed you are able to refinish them to repair damage and make them looking magnificent again. People usually refinish their floors every 10 years or when purchasing a new home where the floors aren't in great form. The top layer is sanded down and a new stain and lacquer are utilized to pay the existing wood.

How To Protect Wood Floors?

  • Prevent scratches by maintaining floors clean, including a mat to entryways, and utilizing area rugs. High heel shoes are particularly bad for hardwood floors. Additionally, keep your pet's nails trimmed.
  • Do not allow standing water to sit on the ground. Water, high temperatures, and humidity can cause the flooring to buckle. If you'll be away at the summer be sure to keep the air conditioning on to guard the floor.
  • Renew the conclusion every couple of decades to brighten dull flooring.
  • Tired of using cleansers which create a waxy buildup.
  • Shield flooring from excess UV rays by shutting the blinds or drapes mid-day.
  • In winter be cautious of monitoring salt from the streets and sidewalk to the home.

The very best way to protect wood flooring is to keep them dry and clean.